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The Jihad Against the West: The Real Threat and the Right Response

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Al-Qaeda. Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas. Abu Sayyaf. Al Jihad. Jemaah Islamiya. Ansar al-Islam … In Lebanon, Syria and Egypt; in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia; in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; in Pakistan and Afghanistan—in almost every country from the Middle East to the Far East, a gang of Islamic terrorists is fighting to advance its own "holy" cause.

Daily we hear reports about their latest suicide bombings, videotaped threats, thwarted attacks and body counts. So many groups have declared jihad that it's hard to keep them all straight—or even to know how seriously to take each of them.

But the threat to the West is deadly serious. We only have to remember 9/11 to understand that.

The commitment of many of these groups has been plainly visible for decades. The Iranian hostage crisis, the hijackings of passenger airliners, the bombing of U.S. military barracks in Beirut, the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, and innumerable other incidents have illustrated that. And following the bloody carnage of Sept. 11, their attacks seem to have accelerated: the Madrid train bombing, the London subway attacks, the Iraqi insurgency, the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, and on and on.

Some analysts have declared that we have entered an "Age of Terror" and that there is no way to permanently eliminate these violent groups. But is the West really ready to concede victory so easily?

Do we really need to resign ourselves to permanent "terror-level" warnings? Despite their sectarian differences, is there a common goal amongst the assorted terrorist groups? Who are they and what do they actually want? What accounts for the seemingly renewed sense of purpose amongst so many of them? What threat do they pose to the West? What can and must the West do to ensure victory? Is peace possible?

Join us for a special conference to discuss "The Jihad Against the West." A distinguished panel of Middle East experts has been assembled to answer the most important questions of our time. While the experts will answer these complex questions from diverse points of view, they all agree on one thing: the real threat is Islamic totalitarianism and the right response necessitates engaging in a principled, ideological battle to defend the West from the jihad declared against it.

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